Hi, my name is Judith, and with my sister, Julia, we create picture books. It has been a hobby of ours for over eight years and counting. My favorite part is illustrating the story, and Julia's favorite part is writing it. Together we've created picture books touching on meaningful topics such as, the importance of our environment in We Love the World Because..., pet adoption in Pencil, listening to parents in Iggy, The Owl and The Blue Tree, being different is okay in What's an A.C.O.R.N.?, to name a few. We also have resources, like the Storytelling tab above. We thank you for your visit, and we hope you enjoy our website! 

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Llama Lu

Llama Lu, as everyone in the Sanctuary liked to call her, was born with no wool. How can a llama have no wool? With winter at their doorsteps, what will the surprised and concerned animals do to help her stay warm? A bit of chaos, goodwill, and being bad at math may be just what they need to figure things out.